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Mission Statement

At Detroit K-9, our success is compelled by our associates commitment to our customers and the company’s values, vision and safety. Our assoicates commitment will help encourage company growth and expansion to further serve more residents and continued community services.

Our Commitments

Providing superior value pet food and supplies at cost effective prices to nurture physical, mental and emotional well-being of our customer’s pets.

Detroit K-9 associates that value pet’s needs and are committed to offering services and / or products as the correct solution for your pet’s healthier life.

Our Values

  • Exceptional Customer Service – Making owning a pet easier and affordable.

  • Learning – Gaining the knowledge and skills to adapt, lead and excute –always striving to do better.

  • Continuous Improvement – Always striving for new ideas and to do things better to improve quality, safety and efficiency while cuttings costs.

  • Teamwork – Achieving results through collective and cooperative organization that thrives on trust and teambuilding.

  • Performance – Evaluating accomplishments on accountablitiy to ourselves and team members.

  • Recognition – Acknowledging and thanking our assocaites for gainfull performanace and exceptional customer service.

  • Integrity – Ethical, honest and leading by example behavior toward, team memners and customers.

Our Vision

Pet Ownership and Well Being at Affordable Prices.

We believe it is our duty to contribute to the well-beng and health of your pet to promote love, happiness and secure pet – human relationships.

To reduce pet adbandonment and encourage Michigan PetLaws by providing affordable pet food, supplies and medications.


The safety of our customers, their pets and our associates is paramont. We are committed to maintaining our zeroinjury rate by implementig more safety goals and training for all of Detroit K-9 locations.